Tomorrow's News and making 'story-centric' more than just a buzzword

The DPP has been exploring the technology and business challenges of news operations in our Tomorrow's News project. And in episode 13 of the DPP podcast, DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough hears from EMG CTO Lucy O'Brien and Qvest Principal Paul Charleston about major themes from the series: what does story-centric actually mean, and what are the biggest innovations in gathering, creating and delivering news? How are news providers responding to the challenge of delivering news 'content' in multiple formats, on an increasing number of delivery channels, and for different audiences?
In this episode, enabled by Qvest, DPP Editorial Director Edward Qualtrough is joined by:

Lucy O’Brien - Chief Technology Officer, EMG
Paul Charleston - Principal, Qvest

Lucy discusses the true vision of the story-centric newsroom, and how innovations in the news gathering have moved faster than in production and delivery of news. And Paul says the days of a ‘one product to rule them all’ newsroom strategy are no more as organisations will look to integrate best-of-breed products to suit their needs.

More information about the DPP's Tomorrow’s News series can be found here.
Tomorrow's News and making 'story-centric' more than just a buzzword
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