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Creating new opportunities with cloud technology

A year ago, Signiant CEO Margaret Craig wrote 'The Signiant SaaS Manifesto' to offer her perspectives on how cloud technology has created massive efficiencies and new opportunities across the media supply chain. The manifesto has now been made available for everyone to download to coincide with the DPP's 2021 Leaders' Briefing. In episode 8 of the DPP podcast, Mark invites Margaret to shed light on this fascinating paper.

Cloud adoption and disrupted relationships

Almost every media company in the world has significant portions of its operations in the cloud. Some are based entirely there, yet still, we know that different parts of the industry are at different levels of cloud maturity. In episode 7 of the DPP podcast, Mark and Rowan summarise the key findings from the DPP's 'The Cloud for Media' series, which explored the rate of cloud adoption across four different parts of the media value chain.

Is live content the next big disrupter?

Live content is going through an extraordinary boom, which has been accelerated by the pandemic. But as the world opens up and crowds return to in-person events, there's no sign of the boom stopping. The DPP explored this development through its 'Going Live and Remote' series, focused on live content. In episode 6 of the DPP podcast, Mark and Rowan reflect on this piece of work and summarise what they learned with two special guests.

Did we learn a darned thing from Covid?

It's over a year since the DPP undertook a 4 month long survey with 100 companies, tracking their experiences of the pandemic. So why has the discourse moved on so little? What's the often-repeated phrase that makes Mark and Rowan cringe? And what do we need to do to move forwards?

Innovation: what it costs to make it pay

What question did Mark ask the BBC's Director General that brought a flat 'no'; and what was Rowan's most depressing innovation experience? Stand by for some frank confessions as Mark and Rowan reflect on the DPP's recent work on innovation, and how it makes them reconsider their own experience.

The future of remote production

Following the DPP's popular recent report, Live Remote Production, Mark and Rowan take a candid look at the future of remote production. To what extent has the growth of remote been driven by the pandemic? Will production teams rush back to the OB trucks as soon as they can? And which of the 5 production models defined in the report will really matter for the future?

How did business get so messy?

At a time when the absence of trade shows is placing greater pressure than ever on customers and suppliers to find effective ways of engaging with each other, the DPP podcast asks: How did business get so messy?

CES 2021: The Final Word

Our recent report and webcast explored the big trends from CES 2021. But what stood out? What trends didn't make the cut? And what do Mark and Rowan really think about it all?

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