"Content exchange is a mess we have to fix!" — Media Supply Festival 2024 reflections

The DPP Media Supply Festival returned to New York at the end of May 2024, but how much really has changed in the last year in the media, broadcasting, technology and entertainment sector?

DPP Founder and Chief Content Officer, Mark Harrison, was joined by experts from A+E Networks, Ateliere, Backlight, Devoncroft, RSG Media, SDVI, Tubi, and World Poker Tour to digest the level of transformation and innovation in the industry. What progress is happening with supply chain consolidation, and what impacts are the challenges of content exchange having?

Show Notes

In this episode we hear from:

Kathleen Barrett — Backlight, CEO [4min 02sec]
Courtney Sanchez — Tubi, Chief Strategy Officer [4min 02sec]
Hilary Roschke — SDVI, VP of Strategic Operations [7min 52sec]
Larry Kaplan — SDVI, President & CEO [11min 17sec]
Kira Baca — Ateliere, CRO [12min 51sec]
Marc M.Dion — World Poker Tour, Director, Distribution & Ad Sales [12min 51sec]
Josh Stinehour —  Devoncroft, Principal Analyst [16min 13sec]
Elena Brodie Kusa — A+E Networks, Media Solutions Architect [18min 46sec]
Shobhana T — Prime Focus Technologies, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Marketing [28min 05sec]
Theodore Garcia — RSG Media, Executive Vice President [31min 22sec]
Thomas Siegman — RSG Media [31min 22sec]

Media Supply Festival 2024 session videos are available on-demand here.
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"Content exchange is a mess we have to fix!" — Media Supply Festival 2024 reflections
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