Did we learn a darned thing from Covid?

It's over a year since the DPP undertook a 4 month long survey with 100 companies, tracking their experiences of the pandemic. So why has the discourse moved on so little? What's the often-repeated phrase that makes Mark and Rowan cringe? And what do we need to do to move forwards?
Will Covid-19 Change The Way We Work? charted the experiences of a media industry navigating through a pandemic, back in July 2020.

It made some significant discoveries about the changes in working practices and business realities brought on by the coronavirus. Yet it seems as though the year since has seen very little progression of the discussion about the future of our work practices.

Senior industry figures comment that two or three days a week in the office will be the norm, despite the fact that few organisations have reconciled that with their property strategy. And such sweeping generalisations ignore the diversity of roles and requirements across our industry.

As just one example, our recent report, Working Live explored the wide reaching impacts of remote production on the schedules and lives of those working in live production. They certainly don't equate to two days a week.

So what are we to do about it? Join Mark and Rowan as they embrace the detail, and challenge us all to tackle the next layer of questions.
Did we learn a darned thing from Covid?
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