Cloud adoption and disrupted relationships

Almost every media company in the world has significant portions of its operations in the cloud. Some are based entirely there, yet still, we know that different parts of the industry are at different levels of cloud maturity. In episode 7 of the DPP podcast, Mark and Rowan summarise the key findings from the DPP's 'The Cloud for Media' series, which explored the rate of cloud adoption across four different parts of the media value chain.
In 2020, exclusive DPP research explored the use of cloud in media companies. Why were organisations moving workflows to the cloud? How could they form a strategy to deliver that migration?

In 2021, the DPP's new series 'The Cloud for Media' investigated the rate of cloud adoption across four specific media worfklows in four reports:

Automating Media

Cloud Post Production

Cloud Playout

Streaming at Scale

In this podcast episode, Mark and Rowan discuss some of the most surprising findings from the series, including the fact that cloud adoption has been shaking up established relationships between media and technology companies. 
Cloud adoption and disrupted relationships
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